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Introducing Abodde

Based in Windsor, Abodde Luxury Homes bring the finest bespoke homes to the UK property market. We work closely with our award winning and world-renowned architects to build unique and modern luxury homes.

At Abodde, we invite our clients to describe their ideas and visions and develop them into a beautiful home that exceeds all expectations.

All of our projects utilise the highest quality materials and furnishings to produce an immaculate interior design, incorporating the most advanced smart home technology

If you are looking to develop a dream property, with an experienced project management team to ensure every aspect of your build is taken care of, contact our sales team for a consultation



The Project View

Our driving passion lies in creating outstanding properties that provide a living experience beyond expectations. 

We pride ourselves on our client-focused service that puts you at the centre of the project and gives you full control of your property's development. 

At Abodde, we understand the importance of transparent and precise budget management. Our unique 'Milestone Budget Management' scheme ensures that our clients benefit from a level of flexibility and peace of mind only usually achievable with self-build projects. 

See where your money is being invested and release funds when you are ready.

As an Abodde client, you have 100% control of your investment throughout the entire build process, releasing funds only once each predetermined stage of the build has been completed to your satisfaction.